Jared Padalecki spends his time on TV fighting demons and protecting the world from supernatural bad guys, but in his down time he is also doing great things and using his fame to help others. It's a campaign called Always Keep Fighting (#AKF) and he has helped lots of people.

Always Keep Fighting was created because Jared has had to deal with depression throughout his life. One time he needed to leave an event early to go back and be with his family. Fans understood and reached out to give him support and words of encouragement.

He decided he wanted to help others who are going through similar problems and that is when Always Keep Fighting was born. It started as a single T-shirt campaign to raise funds for programs that give support and help to those that are suffering from mental illness.

That single campaign turned into multiple campaigns and he is now on his fourth. He's calling this the #AKF Holiday Campaign, saying the products will arrive in time for the holidays.

It's nice to see a celebrity care about someone other than themselves. Especially when they are going through hard times.

Fans will often write on Jared's Facebook page about the challenges they are facing and he will respond to as many as he can. You can't help but have respect for someone like that.

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