Remember when we told you about the Danbury cop who was fired for the way he yelled at a motorist during a traffic stop, and he was fighting to get his job back? A judge has ruled that he will soon be back on the force.

Christopher Belair was caught on video shouting at a driver and using very strong language. He was fired for the incident, which happened five years ago. Last September, that video was shown to an arbitration panel who said that even though his behavior was "outrageous and disturbing," the city went too far by firing him, and that instead, he should have received a 90-day suspension. reports that a Superior Court judge has just ruled that Christopher Belair should be reinstated to the Danbury Police Department. While Belair is no longer certified in Connecticut to serve as a police officer, Mayor Mark Boughton says that he may just need some updated training. Boughton was not happy about the ruling, but says the city will make the necessary accommodations.

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