If you enjoy the frozen farmed shrimp from Indonesia that the local market sells next to plant-based burgers, good for you. I'm at the point of my life that when I indulge, it's got to be the best, I don't care about the price.

If I want fresh seafood, not frozen, we're lucky here in Connecticut, because it's available year-round. I love shopping at the many specialty fish and seafood markets around our beautiful oceanfront state.

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Boats from right here in Connecticut bring back the wonderful bounty that the Atlantic, and specifically Georges Bank have to offer. We can get fresh crabs from the Chesapeake Bay, Calamari from Pt. Judith, RI, steamer clams from Ipswich, Mass, and more in Oakville, Wethersfield, Southbury, Monroe, Southington, and maybe your neighborhood. Summertime in New England is clambake time, and if you're receiving your relatives for the first time in three years from another state, here's where to get the best fresh seafood around Connecticut.

Summer Is The Season To Visit Connecticut Finest Seafood Markets

We're so lucky to live on the Atlantic Ocean, fresh seafood is available to us year-round here in Connecticut. If you need to stock up on fish, lobster, and shellfish for your Summertime clambake, here are some of the finest seafood markets around our beautiful state.

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