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It was a matter of time before Connecticut and toilets collided in one of my articles. I thought I would have held out a bit longer but a new study made that impossible. Solitaire Bliss conducted a study of 2,000 Americans to learn more about our smartphone usage. Their goal was to learn which state has the shortest attention span but they revealed a whole lot more.

On the question of the shortest attention span, California ended up with the shortest and CT was #14 nationally. Our neighbors in New York have the #12 slot.

Solitaire Bliss
Solitaire Bliss

The far more interesting question is which states use their phone in the bathroom most? That embarrassing distinction went to the Nutmeg State. 72% of Connecticut residents say they bring their phone to the bathroom frequently.

Solitaire Bliss
Solitaire Bliss

That is correct, Connecticut is #1 at #2 with the phone.

I actually don't think this is embarrassing, I think it is a badge of honor. We all know the truth, everyone brings their phone into the bathroom, we're just willing to admit it. The real takeaway should be that CT is the most truthful state in the nation. We may even be the hardest working state based off this metric.

We are pragmatic bunch and realize there is no point in lying about this. We're too busy working and pooping to concern ourselves with fibbing about inconsequential matters. You know who does doody with their phone in their hand? Important people trying to maximize their day and create something special..

Not only can we walk and chew gum at the same time but we can move the markets and our bowels simultaneously. You know when people say, "I don't have time for that s---? That's us.

Young woman sitting wc toilet bowl using phone in hands .

Sure, we may die like 15 years before everyone else but we're not wasting our time. We're eliminating the competition and expelling any notion that we'd waste time at work.

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