The heavy rains that we are experiencing has left a lot of Eversource customers without electricity. Eversource has reported that almost 4,000 Connecticut residents are without power as of 4:58 pm Thunderstorms that are moving through the area has produced heavy downpours and wind gusts of up to 60 mph.

The storms are already causing emergency situations of flooding, lightning strikes and falling trees. If you have lawn furniture or anything around your home that is in danger of  being picked up by a strong gust of wind, please make sure that it is secured.

The following are the number of residents without power as of 5:10pm accourding to Eversource:

Danbury 63

Brookfield 4

New Fairfiled 206

New MIlford 30

Newtown 86

Oxford 55

Redding 19

Ridgefield 491

Roxbury 21

The National Weather Service has a Hazardous Weather Outlook in effect:

Heavy showers and isolated thunderstorms will work west to east across the area into the early morning hours. There is the potential for localized flash flooding.

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