Stew Leonard’s wants to send 10,000 burgers to North Korea in hopes of aiding the Trump-Kim Peace “Burger Summit” according to a Stew Leonard’s press release.

The New York and Connecticut based farm fresh food store has gotten the memo that Kim Jong-Un wants to hammer out a peace agreement, and to savor the flavor of an American burger while attempting to do so. Word is the North Korean government really wants to open a “burger joint” in the nation's capital, Pyongyang.

Stew Leonard’s says the burgers they’ll send, have “USA” stamped right in the middle of them, known as their new 'filet burger'. It's made by hand in store, with their Butcher Shoppe’s best cuts. It's even made with their world famous filet mignon, short rib, as well as their ground chuck. This would be an amazing way to start off a fresh new relationship with North Korea!

Of course, the 10,000 burgers would be accompanied by 10,000 of Stew Leonard's freshly baked hamburger buns. Everything is ready to go right now, according to Stew Leonard spokesperson, Meghan Bell.

Meghan said:

we’re just waiting on word from the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo to approve it.

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