A friendly reminder of how to turn at an intersection has caused some to call for retesting of New York drivers.

If you are a licensed driver in the state of New York you already know that there are many drivers that have a hard time following specific rules while they are driving. Unfortunately, there is a long list of things that "some" drivers do wrong behind the wheel that we witness almost every day and because of that the New York State Department of Transportation has shared a new initiative to hopefully prevent accidents and remind everyone how to properly turn.

New York Department of Transportation/Facebook
New York Department of Transportation/Facebook

How to Properly Turn at an Intersection

NYSDOT has begun a "refresher" program on Facebook to remind everyone that there is a specific way that drivers are supposed to turn when turning at an intersection.

The post said,

"Monday morning reminder. When turning at an intersection - make sure you continue to travel in the closest lane to you."

As you can see in the picture above, it looks like an easy thing to do while driving, right?

Fellow New York drivers say NO!!! After posting the reminder, the page was flooded with comments from frustrated drivers saying things like, "It’s AMAZING how many drivers don’t know this basic rule!" "Literally nobody does this and it drives me nuts," and "You’ll never get people to understand this!!"

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Should Drivers in New York Be Retested?

One comment stood out above all the others when one driver said, "The fact that the DOT has to remind people how to follow the rules of the road PROVES we need to have people retest every once in a while." That comment received a ton of "likes" with many drivers agreeing that the state should require drivers to be retested every once and a while.

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Should New York make it mandatory for drivers to be retested every few years or so? While you think about it here are a few other things that other drivers do while behind the wheel that drive is all crazy.....

7 Things That Drive Other Drivers Crazy!

1. Tailgating
2. Not using a turn signal
3. Using the phone
4. Not moving when a light is green
5. Leaving your high beams on
6. Not cleaning snow off your car or truck
7. Driving slow in the passing lane

Did we miss anything that drives you crazy while driving? Let us know!!!

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