Wow this is definitely a statement.

Just as many of us were debating whether Columbus Day should still be celebrated in light of how he treated Indigenous People everywhere he went, enslaving many, a statue appeared in Norwalk near that of Christopher Columbus', according to The Norwalk Hour.

It was placed on the West Avenue Connector on Route 7. The monument was made of wood, and was two dimensional. It was created and place to pay tribute to Indigenous People. The words on the base of it read:

In Honor of the Indigenous People of Norwalk

In time, the mystery regarding how the statue got there was solved thanks to social media. Artist 5ivefingaz posted on their Instagram account:

Last night we placed this 11ft statue in the middle of my hometown Norwalk, CT


Also stating that the work of art (pictured here) was a showing of support for indigenous people.

News 12 says that Norwalk city officials removed the statue because it was not authorized to be in the park.

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