What was once an aging corner of Wappingers Falls has now flourished into a new 'smart' apartment complex.

Over the last few years, you may have noticed construction at 2701 West Main St. heading into the Village of Wappingers Falls. That construction has now become what is known as The West Main Lofts.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The 15-unit building houses 13 apartments and 2 retail spaces set to bring new life into Dutchess County. Currently, Rooted Yoga (a hot yoga studio) calls one of the retail spaces home. Designer Angela Hardisty tells us that the other retail space will house 8 small boutiques making for a unique shopping experience for those visiting the Village. 

Dutchess County Smart Apartments

The main attraction though has to be the new 13 apartment units with 9-foot ceilings and all with their own unique designs. Not only that but the West Main Lofts are considered one of the first smart apartments in Dutchess County.

So what exactly is a 'Smart Apartment'? Hardisty explains to us that each unit comes with a smart screen as you enter the space giving you access to a smart intercom and control system.


The Smart Intercom lets you see who is at your door and, if you're not home, you can let people in from your phone app to the intercom. The smart control system includes your thermostat and access to turn your heat up or down without being home.

Each unit also comes with a smart washer and dryer. Connected through an app, you can tell if your clothes are done washing and turn it to the drying option.

Security at the West Main Lofts

For anyone on an apartment search, security is always a top concern. At the West Main Lofts, Hardisty says they want to make their renters feel safe. The building itself, as well as every unit, is a keyless entry and there are security cameras in all hallways, in the front and sides of the building, in the parking lot, and in the lobby.

These Apartments Really Make a Statement

The West Main Lofts really are one of a kind. Hardisty designed each unit with its own unique style. Lighting fixtures, views tiles, and general design all differ depending on what unit you are in. The lower units are wheelchair accessible.

The higher units provide beautiful views of Wappingers Creek and others give you a glimpse of the rolling mountain tops in the Hudson Valley.

Other units come equipped with a statement wall that will most likely have all your friends asking if they can come over for a photoshoot.

Angela Hardisty/Zillow
Angela Hardisty/Zillow

There are still a handful of units available to rent and you can learn more at Zillow.com. The retail spaces below should be opened by the spring of 2023. Take a tour of the West Main Lofts in Wappingers Falls below:

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