Spring in New England — what Spring? And when, you ask?

Mother Nature delivered a cold and snowy Winter to the Northeast and now Spring is certainly not soothing our battered souls with warmth. On top of the less than desirable weather, it seems like the Flu Season is not letting go either. Here's the details.

Officials with the Connecticut Department of Public Health have just issued the following info on the link for this week's Flu Update posted on April 12th. It says, in part:

Although national influenza activity has been past peak for eight weeks, it remains elevated and geographically widespread within several regions of the continental United States including the Northeast.

And the worst of it is:

Influenza activity is also past peak in Connecticut, but has increased during the last several weeks, in part, due to increased circulation of influenza B viruses...This second wave of activity is especially apparent in the increasing percentage of patients with influenza-like illness presenting to outpatient providers and hospital emergency departments, along with the increasing number of laboratory confirmed flu cases and flu-associated hospitalizations. We have also received reports of new flu-associated deaths during the past week in Connecticut.

The DPH adds that this flu season potentially will last into May but you can still get a flu vaccine and take other precautions. For info go to ct.gov/DPH

Snow in April, cold temperatures, than warm temperatures, then cold again, and torrential rain. No wonder the flu bug won't let go!

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