Recently, NASA released some data that was collected from its New Horizon space craft, and if you have any interest at all in space such as I do, then this will interest you!  You see, I find myself often sitting outside and staring up into the cosmos getting lost in my own thoughts.  There is this natural draw to me that I can't seem to ever escape.  Space just astounds me in a way nothing else can.  I mean, looking up at those shimmering dots of light, knowing that the light I am in fact seeing has been traveling for millions, if not BILLIONS of years, and the source of that light might not even still exist!  THAT'S CRAZY TO THINK OF!  That space is so vast, that even light can be "old" by the time we actually get to see it.  Those photons have traversed a desolate and almost incomprehensible landscape, and somehow survived it just to end it's journey at our eyeballs. Some of that light which is produced by our sun, is accompanied by solar winds, pushing hydrogen to the outer most limits of our solar system (as far as we know), and we may have information that backs up the idea that there is a sort of "hydrogen wall" all around our universe!  This is just one more incredible feature that only serves to add to the many things my mind can now lose itself in when staring off into deep space.

But getting lost in the universe isn't all about the insane concepts that space holds, but also makes me constantly question the very purpose of existence.  Is there even one?  I mean, in the grand vastness that is the known universe(s), does life have a point?  Does it require one, or did we as a culture place a purpose to life to make us feel more significant in an otherwise insignificant existence? Because when you really stop and think about doesn't NEED purpose.  Life could just  And it could be so just because!  And then that feeling of insignificance usually changes to a feeling of luck, because although I do believe in extraterrestrial life, I do think that we are truly lucky to even exist, and are a rare gem among the rough, and that we should always live our life to its fullest, just in case this existence is all we have.

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