The Metropolitan Transit Authority says Governor Cuomo has called for the rapid rebuild of a 107-year-old bridge that’s been out of commission, making life more difficult for Southeast residents and commuters.

It's been 10 years since the bridge was open to motorists and pedestrians. The existing Prospect Hill Road Bridge in Southeast will be knocked down, cleared, and rebuilt thanks to $9.5 million earmarked by the MTA’s 2015-2019 Capital Program. The bridge dates back to 1910 and runs just south of the Southeast Rail Station, and carries Prospect Hill Road over the tracks and parts of the Brewster train yard.

House of Reps Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney said:

Anyone who lives in eastern Putnam knows the congestion and traffic caused by the out-of-commission Prospect Hill Bridge – I am glad to say those days are over… [this will] make life easier for drivers and residents.

The Governor expedited things by calling for a fast track to completion of the project via a special contract, which designates one company to handle demolition and construction from start to finish with expectations of a quicker completion.

We do have to be patient. When they say ‘fast’ they mean it will take twenty months to complete. But ultimately, we can look forward to a smoother commute in Brewster at that time.

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