You know you love going to Cracker Barrel, but one thing that would make it even better is having a beer or wine with your meal. Well, you may be able to do that real soon.

When restaurants finally get the go ahead to re-open for inside dinning, Cracker Barrel is hoping to pick up your spirit by adding some spirits to their menu.

Cracker Barrel just announced that not only will they be revamping their menu, but according to, they are now also in the process of testing out the sales of beer, wine, a hard cider and two types of mimosas, orange and strawberry.

The testing is taking place at some 20 Cracker Barrel locations in Florida, and is already underway. Depending how it goes, the drinks could become part of the their menu at all Cracker Barrel locations including restaurants in Fishkill in New York, and Milford and East Windsor in Connecticut.

Cracker Barrel has always been know for it's southern inspired food, and family friendly atmosphere, which included a dry menu, so this change would mark the first time in its 51 year history that Cracker Barrel would serve alcoholic beverages.

A company representative explained to Food and Wine, about the alcohol testing that's been going on at those select restaurants.

The results of this test thus far have been overwhelmingly positive, and so we have decided to expand the test in different markets in Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky. We have not determined timing for the next states and markets where we will expand the pilot.

Alcohol isn't the only thing new that could be coming to all Cracker Barrel locations soon. The company is rolling out a new simpler menu that will include new featured items like a revamped chicken pot pie, and what they call Saturday Fried Pork Chops. Also, look for a new digital store where you'll be able to shop for Cracker Barrel food, and retail items that you see in the Cracker Barrel shops.

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