Used to be all you needed was a dollar and a dream. Not anymore. USA Today reports that soon your chances of winning a lottery jackpot will go down as the cost of a ticket will  go up from one dollar to two dollars. The Mega Millions national consortium made the decision earlier in the week in hopes that even higher jackpots making headlines, will prompt higher sales. You can buy tickets in 44 states, as well as the Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia.

The good news is that all profits from Mega Millions tickets sold, stay in whatever state they were sold. Mega Millions sales reached over $280 in New York State alone last year.

On October 31st the Gaming Commission will make changes to the game, and players will have 70 numbers for the first set of number picks and 25 for the second. Right now players choose from 75 and 15 numbers. The change reduces your chances of winning.


Somehow paying more for reduced chances to win doesn’t seem like a win—win to me!

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