I love watching people compete in food challenges. Kobayashi blew my mind eating all those hot dogs, and then Joey Chestnut exploded my brain with what he could do. I've only competed in three organized eating challenges in my life, and I failed miserably in two of them. (I won a pie eating challenge, but lost at oysters and chicken wings).

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If you've ever wanted to test your stomach by eating an incredible amount of food, there are a few places around Connecticut to try to eat something that requires serious effort.

Are you the King of breakfast foods? Want to try eating a plate of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and French Toast? Forget those tiny Nathan's tube steaks, how about trying to eat two 2 foot dogs? A 10 pound pizza? If you've got the money, and the Iron Stomach of a champ, you could walk away with gift certificates, free meals, a place on a restaurant's Wall of Fame, and constipation. But hey, glory doesn't come easily, right?

Here are some of Connecticut's best Food Challenges -

Some of the Best Food Challenges in Connecticut

Have you dreamed of being the Joey Chestnut of Middlebury? The Kobayashi of Kent? Here are 5 places where you can win those bragging rights, and a t-shirt, usually.

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