Bobcat sightings throughout Greater Danbury have increased dramatically over the last year, but that's actually not a bad thing.

Bobcat sighting used to be a rare occurrence, but in recent months the number of people who have seen one wandering around their yard has definitely increased and there are a few good reasons. First off, more and more people have been staying at home during the day working remote, so they are able to see things in their yards that they normally don't. The other factor according to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is that the bobcat was nearly extinct in these parts in the early 70's before laws were enacted to protect the species, so now there are just more of them around then ever before.

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The increase in bobcats in the area is actually a good thing, according to Their presence is a plus for the ecosystem as they thrive on eating small rodents, critters that you would be trying to rid your yard of anyway. The main diet of the bobcat consists of squirrels, rabbits, woodchucks and birds.

If you're really freaked out about having a bobcat hanging around your property, then you might want to get rid of any critters that the animal hunts, and that means getting rid of bird feeders and anything else that might entice these smaller animals.

Don't worry, the bobcat is more afraid of you then you should be of them. In the event your paths cross, animal experts say the best thing to do is make some noise and that should send the cat running back to a safe place.

Here's a quick breakdown of recent bobcat sighting by towns in Greater Danbury.

  • Danbury- 21 sightings
  • Bethel- 18 sightings
  • Brookfield- 48 sightings
  • Newtown- 51 sightings
  • Ridgefield- 20 sightings
  • New Fairfield- 12 sightings
  • New Milford- 41 sightings
  • Sherman- 6 sightings
  • Kent- 30 sightings
  • Southbury- 41 sightings
  • Roxbury- 15 sightings
  • Bridgewater- 7 sightings
  • Redding- 29 sightings

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