One of my favorite places in the world are the Virgin Islands. On our last trip we made it a point to get to a place that we stumbled upon the time before. We hopped into our rented lime green Jeep, drove on the other side of many unpaved road. Past the donkeys and chickens, around some sharp winding roads. Up this mountain, through that cove and we found it. Hmmmm, why is nobody here?

The sign above is what was on the front door. Hubby didn't find it very funny. But the humor and message hit me at the same time. You are on "Island Time" which just means "slow down and relax, mon. Ain't no ting if you missed us. You be here again."

As the weeks roll into months and the months roll into years, what is it that we crave? Vacation! Where do we dream of going on vacation? To an Island. But wait, don't the people who live there crave the same thing?

Not really. They're already there. I think for the most part, they all think that we are crazy. They don't dream coming here.

What are we all doing wrong? By what the sign above states, the first thing we need to do is change our hours. I need Chris Janson to fix me a drink!

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