Want to ski Powder Ridge with me next month? August is a great month to hit the slopes, just be sure to apply sunscreen first.

Powder Ridge in Middlefield, Connecticut is putting together facilities for year-round skiing according to wtnh.com. Prior to this, avid skiers would head to South America in Summer time. If this works out, Connecticut could be a new mecca for Summer skiers and snowboarders.

The ski resort says it’s opening a 500-foot slope, which is created from a material that is akin to snow, a kind of artificial synthetic snow. They will also offer tubing lanes with the same surface.

In Europe, they’ve been skiing and snowboarding on this stuff for years. You have to suit up to ski on this stuff, with full coverage like pants, elbow pads, knee pads, leather gloves and a helmet. The mountain hopes to have skiing and snowboarding from the summit next year at this time. This is awesome news for someone like me. I admit I’m a whimp. I Love to ski, but am not a fan of the cold. This could be perfect.

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