I like bananas, I really do but singing dead-eyed, soul-reaping bananas are another story altogether. Have you ever seen the opening credits of American Horror Story? If you haven't, each season features at least one shot of an old school doll with alarming indifference in its eyes.

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That is exactly what I saw when Hound Dog Lover 19 posted his new video to Youtube recently.

We can assume this thing is an inanimate object, just a mechanical toy meant to inspire wonder in children until it makes a painfully slow turn and locks eyes with you.


BOOM! Right there, that is the moment we graduate from innocence to chaos and find ourselves in the basement of despair. I have enough to worry about with work and keeping our household running smoothly, I can't be concerned with whether or not my soul is safe at the local grocer.

Let's ease up on the raged-out mechanical produce and do something a little more gentle with our imaginations. I saw this video a few weeks back and I have not slept since. I spend my evenings in my favorite chair, staring out the window repeating the word potassium over and over again.

P.S. I love Stew's I just wanted to make that clear. I can eat a whole box of their cookies alone and I have.

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