I'm all for individuals choosing to exercise their individual rights regardless of whether or not my own personal beliefs, values, etc. fall in the same line or not. That being said there are some scenarios' where though you have the ability to express your rights, the thought of 'not the right place' or 'not the right time' could or should come to mind.


Enter this recent story about a Sullivan County man who was recently arrested at JFK International Airport. What was this individual arrested for? Well, I'm pretty sure the title of this article already gives you that answer.

You Found What in the Carry-On?

Recently a Sullivan County man was arrested after TSA Agents found a gun in his carry-on bag as he made his way through airport checkpoints. Reports state that the gun itself was not loaded, however, with the gun, TSA also found a magazine containing five bullets.

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After the arrest the man was slapped with weapons charges and police confiscated the firearm.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The penalty for attempting to bring a firearm on a commercial flight regardless of having a permit or not is $15,000 per charge. In addition, the possibility of prosecution also exists.

The Investigation and One Hell of an Excuse

In terms of an investigation, police had all the evidence they needed in order to make an arrest and press charges. What blows me away about this case is the excuse given by the individual for why the gun and ammo were in his carry-on.

This man decided to break out the ole tried and true card of excuses. This guy legitimately hit the officers with the...."that isn't mine." But wait, there's more....

man shrugging shoulders who cares I don't know

Authorities said that this man would go on to tell officers that he "packed his own bag" yet still the gun "wasn't his". My question then is, how did the gun get in the bag? Was it Mary Poppins? Maybe it was the Tooth Fairy? Oo, wait I know, the family dog picked it up and dropped it in the bag and you had no idea.

General Thoughts Regarding the Incident

Maybe what I'm about to say just applies to me but as I read this report, all I could think of was famous voice actor Mel Blanc screaming at the top of his lungs in so many cartoons. Mel Blanc for those that don't know was the man behind the voice for numerous Looney Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and a litany of other characters.

The story itself is kind of crazy but not new really. This year JFK TSA as detected four total instances of firearms going through terminals and they had seven of those types of incidents in 2022. The excuse is the most bonkers part of this whole thing.

Check This Out: Is it Illegal to Travel Around New York State with Your Gun

For the record, it is possible to bring a firearm onto a plane. However, it is an extensive process that requires incredibly strict protocols to be followed before the trip. According to the TSA website...

You may transport unloaded firearms in a locked hard-sided container as checked baggage only...

In addition, you would also need to fill out some paperwork and of course, the weapon must be secured properly.

Mad or angry business woman screaming

I honestly don't know what's worse the excuse for why the gun was in the carry-on or the fact that this guy most likely got on the bad side of everyone behind him at the checkpoint? Cause we all know, people LOVE navigating through an airport before traveling.

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