Monday's are tough enough, but the Monday after the Super Bowl has got to be the worst one of the year, well that could all change.

As talked about this morning (Wednesday) with Mr. Morning & Suzy, the people at Kraft-Heinz Ketchup are running a campaign to make the Monday after the Big Game a National Holiday. They're even making it a company holiday for their employees.

They have created an online petition at entitled "Make the Monday after the Big Game a National Holiday". They say the day after Super Sunday is the worst Monday of the year, many of their employees call out, and productivity drops considerably.

Their petition calls for making Monday more like Sunday, and they want it to be called "Smunday". They also made a commercial that will air during this Sunday's game.

When they reach their goal of 100,000 signatures they're going to deliver it to the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Even if it doesn't get us the day off, it's genius marketing.

So what do you think...(is this a no brainer or what)....Cast your vote so we can see what people in our local area are thinking:


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