To celebrate Halloween on Halloween, or not to -- that's the question many are pondering right now, and there are definitely some pros and cons to either scenario.
Some parents have been feeling burdened by the fact that Halloween frequently falls during the work, and school week. There is now an online petition to have Halloween moved to the last Saturday in October. Lots of parents feel that it would be nice to have a whole day to get kids ready, and all dressed up for trick or treating. But Halloween is on October 31st for a reason, and if you would like to know why it's celebrated on the 31st, here's some info on that.

When the holiday's not celebrated on the actual day it's supposed to be celebrated on, does it delegitimize it? Somw say it takes the meaning of the holiday away. Should we preserve traditions that are a part of Americana, and, aim to maintiain America's true culture? There are those who say it would be safer for the kids and parents because everyone would be more rested and prepared. What do you think? You can leave a comment in the comment section below.

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