ShopRite temporarily suspended its returns, refunds and raincheck policies Tuesday in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Grocery stores across the country have seen a run on supplies as shoppers prepared for social distancing and possible quarantine. The grocery chain indicated it instituted the policy to avoid runs on supplies and to limit the potential spread of the novel coronavirus to staff and other customers who would handle any returned merchandise.

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"Due to the current state of emergency, and to safeguard our associates and customers, we are unable to accept product returns at this time. Please make your purchases carefully, as all sales are final. To address limited product availability, we are not issuing rain checks until further notice," ShopRite state in a Facebook post shared Tuesday morning.

On Monday, ShopRite announced it was actively hiring to deal with the unprecedented demand in its stores. Brookfield, Danbury and other Connecticut job opportunities are listed in the careers section of their website.

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