John O'Hurley has hosted the game show Family Feud and currently hosts the National Dog Show every year. He's also starred on Broadway, but is probably best known (especially by Mr. Morning), as playing Elaine's boss, J. Peterman, on the world famous television show, Seinfeld.

As we all know, Seinfeld show took place in New York City for the most part but, John has some deep ties to Connecticut, more specifically West Hartford, where he spent part of his youth, according to WFSB.  

Back in 1970, when he was 16-years-old, O'Hurley lost his 17-year-old sister Carol when she suffered epileptic seizures during her last day of school at Northwest Catholic High School in West Hartford. He attended Kingswood-Oxford High School at the time, also in West Hartford.

His sister's passing here in Connecticut has driven John O'Hurley to partner with the Epilepsy Foundation, aiming to raise awareness and work to end epilepsy.

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