I love eating at Panera in Danbury, but I don’t love this news. If you’ve ever ordered online with an account from Panera Bread in Danbury or elsewhere, your data may have been exposed. After a slew of data breaches in other industries such as prominent retailers: Saks, and Lord & Taylor, as well as Delta Airlines, it seems no industry is immune to these technical pitfalls.

Word is, Panera Bread had lax security online. In this case, it was exacerbated by the fact that the breach occurred for a period of eight months, or possibly more, according to cyber security expert, KrebsOnSecurity.

Information that could have been accessed includes customer names, emails, addresses, birthdays and the last four numerals on credit cards. The real problem is that the issue was brought to Panera’s attention repeatedly. Following that, the company did not address the issue according to KrebsOnSecurity, who says it was easy for hackers to peruse millions of customers’ data. But according to NBC News Panera Bread says there were fewer than 10,000 customers left vulnerable.

Once again, the takeaway from this news and all the others is it’s a good idea to monitor your accounts if in doubt.

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