Hypothetical question for you. Who do you believe in more Santa Claus or Big Foot?

If you answered "How dare you ask me such an outlandish question! Both are real!" boy do we have some great news for you. Santa Squash is heading to the Hudson Valley.

When you think of paranormal hotspots around the Hudson Valley, Pine Bush is probably at the top of your list. The Orange County town in known as the Area 51 of the east coast due to the numerous UFO and alien encounters that have been reported over the years.

On Friday, December 17th the Pine Bush UFO Museum will be hosting the Cryptid Christmas Party & Lecture. The out-of-this-world Christmas party will feature famed author and paranormal investigator, Linda Zimmermann.

Zimmermann will be on hand to discuss what she has encountered in the past. Pine Bush UFO Museum explains further writing:

If you thought the strangeness in the Hudson Valley only involved UFOs and ghosts, then prepare to have your mind blown with actual sightings of Bigfoot, Dogman, Kipsy the River Monster, and many other bizarre Cryptids. For generations, residents have come face to face with terrifying and inexplicable creatures—creatures that may very well be in your own backyard!

According to the post, Santa Squash will be on hand to take photos. It will probably be the clearest photo of Sasquash and or Santa Claus you'll ever see.

The fun will kick off at 8 pm at the Town of Crawford Small Business, Tourism & Events Center at the Pine Bush UFO & Paranormal Museum at 86 Main Street in Pine Bush.

Tickets are $22 apiece and can be purchased at pinebushmuseum.com/tickets/.

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