Looking at colleges can be so stressful. Pretty much, your options are endless. You're the one that has to narrow down what you're looking for based on major, price, location, etc.

Something else that has to be highly thought about is safety. Safety is one of the biggest concerns is schools nowadays. Research.com came out with a list of the 50 safest college towns in America and I found it interesting. They also put out a list of pros and cons for living in a college town. The pros included affordable housing, continuing education, cultural and recreational attraction, health care access, close-knit community, and employment opportunities. The cons included constant presence of strangers, reduced individual freedom / personal time, frequent partying, lack of privacy and job competition.

I find some of those points to be true. I know for me personally, when college was over, I needed to leave the city I went to school in because I couldn't be around it anymore when it was time for me to get into my professional career. I feel the atmosphere can be extremely distracting when you're done with college and moving onto bigger things.

The first Connecticut town to make the list came in at 35. Honestly though, number 35 out of every place a college is located is not bad at all. The town to make the list first was Willimantic which is home to Eastern Connecticut State University. The school is located along the Willimantic River and is said to have a violent crime rate of 1.6.

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As you continue down the study, two additional Connecticut towns made the top 50. Coming in at number 37 is Middletown. Middletown is home to Wesleyan University and Middlesex Community College. It also has a violent crime rate of 0.8.

The last Connecticut town to make the list was Fairfield. Fairfield came in at number 45. It is home to both Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University. It also has a violent crime rate of 0.5.

The number 1 safest college town in the country isn't too far from our local area. The safest town is Milton, Massachusetts which is home to Curry College. It is said to be friendly and hospitable and is considered one of the best college towns in the country.

To view the entire list and the details about each, you can view it here.

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