The country music community knows how to have a good time. That's evident just by walking through the parking lot of the Taste of Country Music Festival.

Not only are the fans passionate about having a good time, so are the artist. That's probably the most obvious statement one could make, but hear me out.

Country artist really get into it. Take for instance new guy on the scene Russell Dickerson. He's been making his way up the charts and winning over country music fans while opening for acts like Thomas Rhett.

He's also winning people over with his clever Christmas themed drinking game.

Thomas Rhett shared Russell's Christmas game in an Instagram story the other day and I had to screen shot it so I wouldn't forget.

What you need to do is a) be 21 or older to play and b) turn on the Hallmark Channel.

While watching the corny Christmas movies follow Russell (and his wife, Kailey) official Hallmark Movie Drinking Game rules:


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