We are entering into an age where we must all have exceptional patience for each other, and the many differing existing opinions regarding how to run the country. There seem to be no simple answers. I’m not so sure Twitter is helping us have more civil discussions these days within the confines of 140 letter characters. It may be dragging us into arguments more quickly, and making for more animosity amongst us.

Rob Schneider just popped up in my news feed as being in the midst of a presidential beef, which you can read about in the Huffington Post. As an actor and comedian I I LOVE LOVE LOVE , Rob Schneider’s work. I've personally interviewed him, seen him live, and said to myself: ‘he’s one funny dude’.

He taught me a valuable lesson today, Martin Luther King Day. Historians and classrooms deserve our respect. They help us share and maintain our common history. Twitter is great place for us to discover the humorous, the outrageous, the trendy, and even sad occurrences, as we help each other heal.

Personal communication used to work pretty well between people who had a beef back in the day. Not every beef needs be broadcast on twitter (famous people--I’m talking to you).

My dad used to tell me to count to ten then speak. If he were here today he would say-- count to 100 then tweet!

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