It's always so mesmerizing when we can see the fun things that happen in the sky. We have been lucky enough to see a few meteor showers, solar eclipses, pink moons, and more. Any time I get to see something rare happening in the sky, it's so exciting and I feel like I can't miss it.

If you're someone like me, we're in for a treat. On June 10, a "ring of fire" solar eclipse will be taking place in Canada, Greenland and Russia. According to National Eclipse, parts of the U.S. will be able to see a partial solar eclipse from it.

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I decided to look more into this because now I'm curious. Connecticut and it's surrounding states including New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania were all included on the list of states that would be able to see the partial eclipse.

It is noted that you will be able to see it at the best of its ability before the sun rises. The National Eclipse site put out some estimates of when you will be able to see it around Connecticut. The three cities from out state they listed were Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven.

  • Bridgeport: 5:32:53 AM
  • Hartford: 5:33:23 AM
  • New Haven: 5:32:54

Pretty much, if you're planning on seeing this eclipse, you'll have to be up bright and early, but it's worth it!

So what is a "ring of fire" solar eclipse? According to, it's a special kind of partial solar eclipse that occurs when a new moon is furthest away from Earth on its elliptical orbit.

To view this partial eclipse safely, it is highly recommended that you wear certified safe eclipse glasses.

If you end up seeing it on the early morning of June 10, send us a picture through the app. We would love to see it!

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