In general, I think that most people don't like it when other people tell them what to do, especially when it comes to attire, your house, and that very unique and personal transportation device you call your car. This past Saturday, the Ridgefield Police Department's Facebook page introduced a "Safety Tip Saturday" picture that shows everyone what your car says about you, and it garnered plenty of reaction from the public.

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I can hear it now, "we were only trying to help," that familiar refrain when something well-intentioned doesn't quite land with the punch you thought it would. The Ridgefield Police Department recently made a Facebook post that was definitely well-intentioned but was received with mixed responses in the comments.

A lot of folks made suggestions like "NRA" or "protected by 9mm" bumper stickers may help deter criminals. Some responded with personal attacks against the department itself and officers in it, accusing them of illegal activities with names being bandied about. Some made light of the "public service" post and made fun of themselves and what they put on their cars. Some even provided Amazon links where people can buy stickers and decals just like the ones they have. Here is a pic of the informative photo posted to the Ridgefield Police Facebook page.

Facebook/Ridgefield Police Department
Facebook/Ridgefield Police Department

Not all of it was a joke or a personal attack, some of the folks did see the point of the post and made comments in support of what the Ridgefield Police Department was trying to do. Citizens also commented and pointed out other ways that people can give out information about themselves that can help identity thieves or any other thief for that matter.

So, despite the reception, the Ridgefield Police Department experienced with the post, it certainly started a discussion. We all know when people communicate, a lot of times, productive things can come from healthy discussion. Check out the Facebook post for yourself...

Thanks for hanging out kids, and I will see you again real soon.

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