A local man from Ridgefield has been accused of a brutal attack on an officer during the violent uprising at the U.S. Capitol grounds in Washington D.C. two weeks ago.

About the assault, acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin said in a statement.

The vicious attack on Officer Hodges was abhorrent and quintessentially un-American and McCaughey's alleged actions were an assault on Officer Hodges, the Capitol, and the rule of law itself.

D.C. Police Officer Daniel Hodges was the man who was crushed in the doorway. He was also beaten with his own baton during the savage assault. Officer Hodges also told CNN that someone tried to gouge his eyes out.

According to the NewsTimes, Ridgefield's Patrick Edward McCaughey III was charged with assault, resisting, or impeding certain officers or employees; civil disorder, entering a restricted building or grounds along with violent entry or disorderly conduct. Many videos on YouTube show Officer Hodges screaming for his life, and some of them are so violent that they are difficult to watch.

According to officials, one of the videos showed McCaughey allegedly using a police riot shield pushing against Hodges. That's when he was pinned between the shield and the door while another rioter "violently" ripped Hodges' gas mask off.

Authorities will continue to investigate the incidents that transpired at the Capitol on January 6. Dozens of who took part in the melee have already been charged including two other Connecticut residents. Anyone who has any specific information is asked to call 800-225-5324 or submit images at fbi.gov/USCapitol.

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