Remember when you were a kid and you couldn't wait for this time of year? It had little to do with the holidays itself or the get-togethers.

The main reason for your excitement was the start of the holiday commercials on TV, and that could only mean one thing, it wouldn't be long before Santa might actually be bringing some of those toys you saw advertised.

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Each year, the rush of Christmas themed commercials is one of the earliest indications that the holiday season has arrived. From toys, food, video games, holiday specials, and more, there was nothing like it. The holiday commercial season used to start right after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but as we know, now the commercials start the minute Halloween is over.

Everyone from ad agencies to department stores and toy companies uses the months at the end of the year to put out their best work with the goal of helping us feel a little holiday spirit, and, of course, convincing us to buy their products. The result is that you probably have at least one or two fond memories of the commercials from Christmases past.

Now here's your chance to relive some of those special memories with commercials that I bet you haven't seen in a long time. You'll notice while watching how simple and innocent some of the ads are. You'll also notice that some of what we saw then, probably wouldn't fly in today's PC climate.

Just remember that holiday commercials are an escape from reality and may seem a bit cheesy or campy, but they do give you a moment to take in some of that holiday spirit, and fantasize about those perfect families in those commercials, and their perfect Christmas celebrations that we all wish we could have.

Retro Christmas Commercials You'll Love Watching Again (click on each photo to see all the videos)

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