If you could bring back any restaurant to the Hudson Valley, which restaurant would you choose? Here are seven of the top requests.

If you've lived in the Hudson Valley for 10+ years or so you are well aware that we have seen some really good restaurants come and go. We've been lucky enough to experience some of the best restaurants in all of New York but for various reasons, those once-popular restaurants are open one day and closed the next.


What Restaurant Do You Want Back in the Hudson Valley?

We asked the Hudson Valley to answer that question earlier this week and were happy to see that we weren't alone in wanting some "long gone" restaurants BACK! Think about what restaurant you would like to see come back and send it to us through our station's app.

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Before you scroll down to see if the restaurant you'd like to bring back made the top 7 suggestions remember in coming up with our top 7 we selected each restaurant because it was suggested to us!

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How Did We Come Up with Seven?

Many of the restaurants that made our list of seven weren't always known for having the best food, I might even go as far as saying that wouldn't win any sort of culinary award or anything but many of them were known more for being a fun place to grab a meal with family and friends. Personally, I know that I enjoyed meals at almost all of the restaurants on our list and we never went because the food was great, it was good but not great. We went because they were comfortable and fun for everyone.

Here are the seven restaurants we would welcome back with open arms in the Hudson Valley...

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