Chances are some part of your New Year's resolutions revolved around getting something fixed. Big or small we all have things in our lives that are broken.

Sometimes it is easier to just go get something new to replace what is no longer working or that item that is officially broken. But if it is your favorite or has sentimental value chances are you'd rather get it fixed. That is what a Repair Cafe is all about.

Where is there a Repair Cafe in the Hudson Valley

The first official Repair cafe that I have heard about for 2023 will be held on January 21st, from 10 AM to 2 PM.  Gather up that item in need of repair and bring it by the New Paltz United Methodist Church on the 21st and get it repaired by a craftsman happy to help for free.

An unknown man fixing an electric tool

Repair cafes are where people with certain skills and expertise in things like sewing, woodworking, metal craft, and more come to donate their time to help you get your broken treasure fixed. Very often these repair gurus are your neighbor. And hey if you are someone with a repair skill please consider volunteering your services to help that day.

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Repair Cafe in New Paltz, New York

The New Paltz United Methodist Church is at 1 Grove Street in New Paltz. If you have questions about what you might be able to get repaired or your want to volunteer your services please contact Repair Cafe Hudson Valey New York is looking forward to helping you.

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