How would you handle something like this?

To protect the innocent...LOL..and to hopefully prevent any adjustments in the "bill", we will not be using any names in describing our dilemma from the radio show today. Here's the issue we are trying to figure out, "someone" has lived in the same apartment for over a year now and last month "they" received their monthly rent bill and the bill was a few hundred dollars lower than it has been in previous months.

The "person" is wondering how they should handle the situation, should "they" say something to the apartment complex? Or should "they" keep the error to themselves and wait to see what the rent bill will be for next month?

If this was me, I would keep the mistake to myself and wait and see what happens next month. We got a bunch of calls and text messages from people looking to share their advice with most people saying that the "person" should say something just so that "they" aren't hit with a double charge next month.

Other advice we got today included, making sure that if the "person" doesn't call the complex, just make sure you don't go out and spend the extra money on anything. Joe called and said the best thing to do is stash the money away and if they do adjust the bill next month you wont be in a bind to make up the difference.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Did your bank, credit card company or any other company ever make a mistake that was in your favor? How did you handle it? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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