I've seen so many memes reveling in the nostalgia of how we all used to have to leave our homes and go to an actual store in order to rent video tapes and dvd's back in the day.

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You know, the "kids today will never know the shame of bringing an empty VHS box to the counter"-type memes? Oh, I remember that shame Betty from Oakville. Here's some names for you - Video World, Applause, Tommy K's? Before Blockbuster monopolized the industry, there were many locally or regionally owned video rental stores around Waterbury. I used to shop at all of them.

Remember when Blockbuster started renting video games? I was at that store every day. I'd spend hours at Video Venture searching through the new releases, or waiting for someone to walk in the door with a return that I was waiting for.

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Every time I drive by one of those buildings, I think about the video store that used to be there. I did some digging and found a couple of old pics, do you remember renting from these old video stores?

Remember Renting Movies From These Waterbury Video Stores?

Remember Applause, Funstuff, Video World, Video Venture, Tommy K's, and Blockbuster? I spent years roaming those aisles, it was fun, right? I think about that when I drive by those buildings. The anticipation of finding a new release and grabbing a sugary snack. Here's what some of those former Waterbury video store locations look like now.

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