Adopting a pet is a huge responsibilty. I live in a condo, it's not small, but having three cats is a stretch. However, two years ago when Ollie came along at 14 years of age, he needed a family. We opened our home and hearts to him and never looked back. While I know his time with us won't be as long as I would hope because he is now pushing 17, I cannot imagine our life without him. He's my buddy who follows me around like a puppycat and I love every single minute with him.

My friend, Sarah Bell, has a huge heart. She fosters cats. She recently took in a mama cat and her beautiful babies. There were adoption possibilities until she got some bad news. They all tested positive for Feline Leukemia. She is hoping to find furever homes for these wonderful cats with a limited life span. I asked Sarah if she wanted me to focus on anything for this blog and she said:

The one person who gets overlooked a little bit is this incredible mama cat named Hope. It's always all about the kittens, right? Because they're so cute? This mama is the most loving friendly and laid-back sweet nose-booping darling.

What I loved about that quote is that she said "person" in referring to mama-kitty.


If you want more info click here to email Sarah directly, and you can see more photos at @fostering_because_love on Instagram.

Please share this blog and let's get these kitties to their furever home.

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