Have you ever wondered what the guys of Rascal Flatts would order at a restaurant? I hadn't thought about it before -- until today.

On Friday (August 10) in the Stamford Town Center, a new restaurant opened. It's called, Rascal Flatts, which is convenient, because it's named after the world famous country music trio -- wait for it -- Rascal Flatts.

According to Hey Stamford, Rascal Flatts (the restaurant) is a 3,000 square foot establishment with a family friendly atmosphere and classic American eats.

The lunch menu, that was posted on Yelp, has some fun with Rascal Flatts (the band) serving dishes like "Jay's Chicken Corn Chowder" and desserts like "Gary's Toll House Pie" and "Joe Don's Love in a Pan."

Not only is it fully equipped with several televisions to enjoy your favorite sports games, but it's also a small music venue. Thursday through Saturday Rascal Flatts (the restaurant) will host live, local musicians.

The reviews are currently mixed on Yelp, mainly with management, but getting great reviews on their food. Some reviewers cited that customers should give it time -- it's a new business just getting on their feet, after all.

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