The beautiful creature pictured above is an African Spurred Tortoise. This animal is very rare which is why police in Coventry believe this may be someone's pet.

On Saturday (August 18) the animal was found in the Echo Road area of Coventry and police sent out a press release to try and locate the owner. In the meantime, this beautiful shelled wonder is being cared for by a Marine Biologist. If you have any information or know who the tortoise may belong to, police say to call CSO Chipman at 860-742-4074.

How does a turtle run away from home? Not very quickly I guess. I am also guessing that he or she does not have a shellphone or it would have phoned home by now or at the very least, it would have taken a bunch of shellfies. If this post gets shared a lot, I'll bet it becomes a shellebrity.

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