Wintertime here in the Greater Danbury and Hudson Valley regions is often not easy for people and their canine companions (understatement). My dog, Coco, is okay with snow, but I do need to do some prep before he goes out.

Pets paws end up getting icy with caked on snow around the pads of their feet, while having dogs wear snow boots seems silly to me to prevent this, I have actually seen dogs with them on in my neighborhood.

If you don’t equip them with boots, according to the ASPCA, you can do what I do and rub petroleum jelly on the pads of their paws before you head outside. This will protect them from salt and the snow melting chemicals on the street. Those chemicals can be deadly if your dog licks them off, so it becomes important to pay attention to this. Taking a warm wash cloth to your pet's paws after being outdoors is a good idea. Dogs, just like humans, burn extra calories in the winter, so it's okay to feed them a little more at dinner.

Experts say if we feel it’s too cold outside, it's probably too cold for our dogs. If left out the fact that they could freeze to death. Leaving them in the car is equally dangerous, as their winter coats aren’t as warm as we think they are.

Enjoy the outdoors in winter with your pet, just make sure you take some extra care to keep them safe.

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