The power went out during the Garth Brooks show at the Prudential Center in Newark New Jersey last night and that left lots of fans in the dark according to The power did go back on as Public Service Energy and Gas Company, New Jersey’s power company was communicating with the venue promptly. They did not give a reason for the outage.

Arena officials said on the Prudential Center’s Twitter account:

At approximately 7:50 p.m. tonight, Prudential Center experienced a brief power outage. Power was quickly restored and tonight’s performance is proceeding as scheduled. Prudential Center has been in close communication with its partner, PSEG, regarding tonight’s brief outage.

And then concertgoers like @nboyce17 responded:

It was not quickly. It was almost an hour delay for concert and about 6 mins with zero communication!

In another tweet she said:

I’m sorry but for a venue that large, no excuse! Not in today’s world. An employee i spoke with wasn’t even checked in on over an hour and a half later! Poorly handled!

Twitter user @cj225devs chimed in:

I wouldn't say it was quick...

Twitter user @fountake posted:

Love going to see @garthbrooks at @PruCenter in his final night, but really disappointed about the power outage one song in! #GarthWorldTour

Just for that show, we can say Garth had friends in dark places!

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