Austin Rogers, who, according to Westchester 12, grew up on the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Pound Ridge, NY, has gained nationwide fame for his quirky style and winning over $300,000 on the television game show Jeopardy.

The first thing you notice about him is he likes to make funny faces on camera and has a very unique look. But then, you notice him winning all the loot. Currently, he lives in Manhattan as a bartender, but his roots are in the Hudson Valley.

He returns to the show Monday, October 9 to try to continue his winning streak. He says he’s been a Jeopardy fan since he was a kid, and it shows, because he looks like he’s in the zone when he’s playing; he seems right at home.

The Patch reports that he went to Fox Lane High School, and attended NYU, but had to drop out because it was getting too costly. He is also a die hard Yankees fan. If Austin wins tomorrow it will be his 10th win on the show. Go Austin!

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