All is back to normal at a United States post office in Danbury, as it is open for business following an investigation regarding a suspicious package on Wednesday (March 27).

In the early part of the day, the Danbury Police Department took to social media to announce that the post office located at 23 Backus Ave. was closed to the public and that residents should avoid the area.

After about an hour or so, and having worked along side United States postal authorities, the DPD then announced that the Backus Ave. branch was all clear.

Now, the police have provided a few more details about the situation.

Apparently, the suspicious package in question was found close to the building, raising enough concern to call in both the city's fire and police departments, and rightfully so. As they were notified, so was a postal inspector, who had to travel from Springfield in order to perform and x-ray on the package.

As it turns out, the package contained some garbage. All's well that ends well today on Backus Ave. in the Hat City.

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