Out with the old in with the new.

We told you last year that after 34 years of business and operating under two different names, Foley's Square Pub and Murphy's the bar/restaurant located at 107 Main street in the heart of New Paltz was closing.

The prime real estate spot on the main strip in the Ulster county town was sold last year for an undisclosed price to Ed Carroll and at the time of the sale, rumors started to spread that the location would reopen soon as a piano bar.

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Those rumors have yet to come true but according to HV1, the Village of New Paltz planning board has received an application to start renovations on the building at 107 Main Street. The commercial application was submitted earlier in February for a restaurant and bar called "The Lemon Squeeze."

The application was submitted by the new owner of the property Ed Carroll. He further asked the board to approve work that needs to be done on the property so that it can open. After the most recent board meeting, board members were all in agreement that they could not approve the application because there were still unsure if the applicant was the legal owner of the property, or if it was authorized by the owner to undergo work on the property. Once that question is answered, the board will move forward and look at the application and could do so as soon as their next meeting, which is scheduled for Tuesday, February 15th.

View of farm land and Mohonk House Observation Tower.

Does the name Lemon Squeeze have a Special Meaning?

As soon as I heard the name Lemon Squeeze I said to myself "I've heard that name before!!" and after searching online I found where the name comes from, I think. Lemon Squeeze is a hiking trail in New Paltz according to All Trails. It's a difficult-rated 7-mile trail located near New Paltz, New York.

Will Lemon Squeeze Open?

There hasn't been any word on whether or not the new bar/restaurant will be named after the hiking trail or not, or when it will actually open for business. But when that information becomes available we will update this article.

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