When you drop crack cocaine in front of a police officer, chances are they are going to notice. Chances are also pretty good you are going to get a lot more than just a fine for littering.

For the past several months, Aairon Ronearl Thompson was being watched by police. Investigators had received a number of complaints that he was allegedly selling crack cocaine. On May 8, 2018, police approached him with a search warrant but say that Thompson took off in his car. Police had been monitoring him and allegedly watched a drug transaction between the suspect and an alleged well-known drug user who was detained by police.

Meanwhile, Thompson got away. But on Tuesday, he wasn't so lucky. The Special Investigations Division and Patrol showed up at his job at Action Auto Rentals on Newtown Road in Danbury. They arrested him on 5 drug charges and a traffic violation. Police also report that Thompson allegedly dropped some crack to the ground when he was being arrested in order to not have it on him when cops searched him.

Thompson is currently being held on more than $50,000 bond.

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