A crash on Clapboard Ridge Road in Danbury, CT allegedly led police to discover a stash of drugs. I know this woman is very young, and that we ALL make mistakes, so I really hope that she uses this as a learning experience. Hopefully, they don't throw the entire book at her.

A press release from the Danbury Police Department reports that last Thursday, February 8, 2018, police responded to a car accident during rush hour traffic at around 5:18pm. When officers approached the car, they claim they noted a marijuana smell coming from the vehicle. Upon investigation, they say found a lot more than just marijuana. Emily Burkhardt of Sherman, CT, allegedly had some acid sheets, THC wax, marijuana, a marijuana grinder and Adderall in the car.

Police placed the 18-year-old under arrest and she was taken into custody. After Burkhardt was taken to the police station, officers allegedly found another two Adderall pills in the police car. When police questioned her about the other two pills, Burkhardt admitted to police that she tucked them under the seats of the cruiser.

Burkhardt was being held on $25,000 bond. The teen is facing several drug charges.

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