A local hamburger restaurant has a very brave good Samaritan to thank for what could have been a deadly situation this past Friday evening.

Fox61.com reports that two men, Royshon Ferguson and Greg Mclaurin of New Haven, allegedly entered the SmashBurger restaurant on Boston Post Road in Milford on Friday night with a gun. At that time, the duo reportedly told everyone inside to move into the kitchen while Ferguson pointed a .22 handgun at the manager, threatening to "shoot her in the head" if she didn't open the safe. What these two alleged stick-up kids didn't count on was that one of the customers was legally carrying a gun.

When he pulled out the firearm, Mclaurin managed to flee. Like a scene from a Hollywood motion picture, Police say the good Samaritan knocked the gun out of Ferguson's hand, overpowered him, and held him down. Ferguson eventually did break free and also ran out of the restaurant.

The Boys in Blue arrived and with descriptions of the two wannabe bandits, they headed out in search of the suspects aided by another special officer — a K-9. It didn't take long until Mclaurin and Ferguson were wondering who let the dogs out as they were discovered in a nearby parking lot and taken into custody.

21-year-old Royshon Ferguson and 22-year-old Greg Mclaurin, both of New Haven, are facing a bunch of charges including: carrying a dangerous weapon, carrying a pistol without a permit, seven counts of kidnapping with a firearm, robbery and larceny (both in the first degree), and interfering with police.

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