The call came into the Guilford Police Department dispatch on the evening of  Halloween.

The call was about a hit and run that took place in the department's parking lot. Clues to the caper were few and far between and when police arrived, all they had to go by was a damaged vehicle and a Porta Potty that was across the parking lot. Let's go to the videotape:

You might have noticed at the very end of the video a suspicious-looking ghostly figure opening the porta-potty door which means the Guilford Police now have a viable suspect. According to the Guilford PD, we should all keep our eyes peeled for:

  • Wanted: Casper G.
  • Approx age: 473 years old.
  • Last seen wearing: see through clothing.
  • Last seen heading: to the beyond.
  • Charge: Criminal Mischief

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