An unidentified Redding man's MacBook laptop and Ipad were stolen by his Tinder date according to police. The CT Post says police are investigating a Tinder date that allegedly ended in theft. The report states the victim invited an unidentified black male to his home through the dating app Tinder. The victim stated the alleged thief was supposed to spend the night but was gone when he woke, along with his laptop and Ipad.

I was very surprised to hear about this, not because this is a far fetched scenario, not at all. I have to imagine these things happen all the time, the app is infamous for random hookups with strangers. If you invite a stranger to your home, you are wide open to all sorts of calamity and danger. I was surprised to read this because the alleged victim came forward and reported this to the police. I'll bet this type of thing happens all the time and does not get reported because the victims don't want people to know about their Tinder dates.

Young adults today are spoiled rotten and Tinder is a prime example of that. In my "young adult" days, if I was interested in a secret, love session, I had to go out and make it happen. This required time, energy, focus, a well thought out outfit and money. Back in the day we had to work to get some lovin' of the undercover nature. Now you just swipe right, they swipe right, you say "Sup?" and it's on?

It would serve you young people well to walk a mile in our leather Aldo shoes, tight black pants and a Banana Republic button down. You need to learn the art of seduction the way it was meant to happen, emptying your wallet and sweating on the dance floor.


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